AVA is a Berlin-based risk intelligence and data platform specializing in public safety, physical security, and risk prediction. AVA’s artificial intelligence monitor, analyze, process, and contextualize practically unlimited amounts and types of information streams and data sources to determine the historic, present, and predictive security and risk level for any given location, in real-time.
In addition to crime, terrorism, fire, protests and civil unrest, accidents, natural forces, health hazards and epidemics, industrial and political risks are covered by AVA amongst many other.
In the context of national and international disaster and civil protection, AVA offers comprehensive solutions to oversee crises and enable the fastest, best informed decision-making.

Rescue, recover, first aid: When it comes to human lives, any and every tool is a help – but not all are equally suitable. Flooding, earthquakes, snow or mudslides, destroyed roads and extreme climatic conditions previously required specialised vehicles in order to be able to reach, and work at the respective incident sites.

“Creative Truck Manufacturing” made in Germany

For more than 20 years, CTM has been building individual specialist vehicles of all kinds for companies, authorities and civil and disaster protection organisations. The PIONEER is the result of many discussions with customers who want a true all-terrain vehicle for special requirements, and one that is able to overcome the limits of all previously available vehicle types.
The PIONIER is the ideal vehicle for use in disaster areas. It can bring rescue workers to the affected locations, ensure rapid first aid with the provision of medicines, drinking water, electricity and accommodation, help with salvage or rescue work and, with the appropriate modules, also support the reconstruction of infrastructure.

CURPAS is a strong network of manufacturers, users and scientific institutions dealing with the use of unmanned systems in special flight systems since its foundation in 2016. CURPAS is particularly interested in developing and testing innovative products in partner consortia and bringing them to market maturity. The BOS sector in particular is of great importance for the use of unmanned systems. Innovations in these areas make work easier for BOS forces and can help save human lives. CURPAS members are working closely with companies such as Tholeg Robotics and Yuneec on various projects together with the fire brigades in Cottbus and Zielona Gora to develop innovative applications for UAS. Information about CURPAS can be found at www.curpas.de – Contact us at Dr. Christina Eisenberg 0049 1733791095 or eisenber@curpas.de

The deconta machines and equipment programme have been available since 1990 and offer, thanks to its functionality and stability a maximum of security and economy. Specialised as an asbestos equipment supplier for the asbestos removal operatives on site – the main emphasis on ASBESTOS – deconta is able to offer a practical planning, a modern in house production, a methodical maintenance and a repair workshop.
deconta takes over an important supply function for the asbestos removal operatives with the acquisition of several special products, the placing at disposal of rental equipment and the finding of short-term special solutions.

The Deutscher Wetterdienst (DWD) is Germany’s national meteorological Service.
The DWD has a nationwide, state-of-the-art infrastructure, with which it records, analyses and monitors the physical and chemical processes in the atmosphere.
It also provides information on the entire range of meteorological and climatological developments and events in Germany to its partners and customers.The core tasks are weather forecasting, issuing warnings on weather-related hazards, climate monitoring throughout Germany as well as the assessment of climate change and the provision of advice and guidance on climate change adaptation.
As a federal authority under the department of the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI), the DWD offers both the general public and special user groups a great wealth of specialist services 24 hours 365 days a year.
Deutscher Wetterdienst
Frankfurter Straße 135
63067 Offenbach
Telefon: +49 (0)69 / 80 62 – 0
Fax: +49 (0)69 / 80 62 – 4484
E-Mail: info@dwd.de
Internet: www.dwd.de

F24 is the leading software-as-a-service (SaaS) provider for alerting and crisis management in Europe. With FACT24, F24 is able to offer a highly innovative solution and help customers all over the world to successfully and efficiently manage incidents, emergencies and critical situations.
In case of major disasters or high-risk situations you need to be able to act quickly and effectively by alerting teams or special responders and informing the public of the events taking place and communicate the corresponding safety measures transparently. With FACT24 you can quickly and reliably notify all relevant groups of people and ensure that a qualified team is on the scene thanks to the highly available system and reliable alerting services. Each member of a given emergency services team can provide an immediate response as to whether he or she can make it to the scene. It is important to inform residents or students as soon as possible or announce a warning or even evacuate them in the event of public threats.

Please get in touch for a free trial version:
F24 AG
Ridlerstraße 57
80339 Munich
Phone: +49 89 2323638-0
EMail: info@f24.com

According to its original remit, the role of the Federal Office of Civil Protection and Disaster
Assistance is to protect the population in a state of armed conflict. Today, however, we also deal with
every conceivable type of major national incident – from natural disasters and critical infrastructure failures through to accidents at technical facilities and terrorist attacks. Against this background, we have a large number of very specific tasks. On the practical side, these include alerting people to danger and managing resources and information in the case of a national disaster. However, we also develop strategies to protect critical infrastructures, and of course we need to plan our future training programmes and exercises. Equally, we try to raise awareness among the general public and help them prepare for such events. As you can see, our remit is very wide indeed, so the BBK is called upon to perform many roles. You have described the BBK as an ‘event-driven’ government authority.
Some of the jobs we do require 24/7 readiness, 365 days a year. At our Joint Information and Situa-tion Centre (GMLZ), for example, we have to be prepared for both national and international de-ployments at a moment’s notice. We support our partners in Germany and abroad, and we can issue warnings at any time of day or night. To make this possible, BBK personnel are always on hand to sound the alarm immediately in the event of an emergency. Another key role is to assist German
citizens who get caught up in disasters outside the country. One of the ways we do this is by provid-ing psychosocial support. We see ourselves as the first port of call in all matters related to civil pro-tection, so our job is to support the entire national civil protection system.

HÖRMANN GmbH was founded in 1955 by Mr. Hans Hörmann and is a subsidiary of Hörmann Holding GmbH & Co. KG.
Since the founding of the company with the fields of lightning protection and warning systems, HÖRMANN has installed and maintained around 60,000 sirens for civil protection and disaster management in Germany. In addition, there is a large number of projects that we have realized worldwide.
The international activities of HÖRMANN GmbH are managed by the company headquarters in Kirchseeon near Munich. In Germany and Austria, we have a nationwide network of branches and service centres. Where we do not have a subsidiary or branch, we work with reliable distribution partners.
HÖRMANN GmbH has been the world market leader in the field of modern siren warning systems for more than 60 years. From the single siren to the nationwide siren warning system, we offer our customers tailor-made solutions. A large number of satisfied customers – from home and abroad – trust in this.

Die Johanniter-Unfall-Hilfe e.V. ist seit mehr als 60 Jahren in den unterschiedlichsten karitativen und sozialen Bereichen aktiv. Seit ihrer Gründung am 7. April 1952 entwickelte sich die Johanniter-Unfall-Hilfe mit mehr als 20 000 Beschäftigten, 34 000 ehrenamtlichen Helferinnen und Helfern und rund 1,3 Millionen Fördermitgliedern zu einer der größten Hilfsorganisationen Europas. Mit knapp 300 Regional-, Kreis- und Ortsverbänden ist sie im gesamten Bundesgebiet vertreten. In der Tradition des evangelischen Johanniterordens zählen zu ihren Aufgaben heute unter anderem Rettungs- und Sanitätsdienst, Katastrophenschutz und Erste-Hilfe-Ausbildung. Hinzu kommen soziale Dienste wie die Arbeit mit Kindern und Jugendlichen sowie die Betreuung und Pflege von älteren und kranken Menschen. International engagieren sich die Johanniter in der humanitären Hilfe, etwa bei Hunger- und Naturkatastrophen. www.johanniter.de

LRAD Corporation utilizes advanced technology and superior voice intelligibility to safely hail and warn, inform and direct, prevent misunderstandings, determine intent, establish large safety zones, resolve uncertain situations and save lives. LRAD’s proprietary Long Range Acoustic Devices® and advanced ONE VOICE® mass notification systems broadcast attention-commanding alert tones and exceptionally clear voice messages out to 5,500 meters and 12 sq. km., respectively.
Genasys, currently part of LRAD Corporation, has more than 20 years operating as first range technology company with experience in positioning technology and geo spatial analysis. Genasys is a leading provider of advanced location-based mass messaging solutions, mainly focused in Public Warning Systems.
Our National Emergency Warning System, NEWS, is based in all our expertise gained in deployment of critical solutions all over the world, having already been successfully proven, having sent more than 100 million of emergency messages.

ModulaTeam, a German company, designs, develops, manufactures and markets the newest and most innovative solutions in Data Modem technology. Founded in January 2013, with key personnel and the assets of several leading German high-tech companies, the management and design teams at ModulaTeam have over 100 years of R&D experience in the fields of modems, security and encryption.

The company is active in the communications field using narrow band modulation serving a market that focuses on distance and reliability. All products are developed and manufactured in-house utilizing custom technologies and maintaining the highest level of quality in supporting various industries such as public/national security, law enforcement, oil, gas, mining, transportation, telecom, enterprise and governmental services.

ModulaTeam is a high tech business with a high diversification ratio of markets, customers and regions, and targeting a high growth market driven by an experienced management team. A proven leader in the data communication market, ModulaTeam is committed to provide products with unparalleled performance close to the theoretical and physical limits, maintain exceptional quality, and a dedicated level of customer service and support.

Energy systems from POLYMA do their job reliably far away from all electricity grids. Be it as an independent electricity supplier to clients in the event of transformer separations from municipal suppliers and energy suppliers or for the supply of electricity and light at building sites and in civil protection – the range of applications is extremely manifold.

This is why we simply listen at the beginning so as to learn which tasks you as our clients need to perform, about your ideas, your wishes and the individual conditions. This information, combined with the know-how and experience of our specialists, results in long-lasting solutions that have been proven all around the world. A large number of our units have been operating for more than 30 years already.

Across the world, the structure of the Federal Agency for Technical Relief (Technisches Hilfswerk – THW) is unique: THW belongs to the department of the Federal Ministry of the Interior, Building and Community. However, about 99 percent of the THW-members work on a voluntary basis for THW. Only one percent of the staff works full-time for the authority.

Nationwide more than 80,000 volunteers commit themselves during their leisure time in 668 local sections in order to provide professional help to people in distress.

As an emergency organisation, THW can adapt to different disaster situations and scenarios. Modern equipment and well-trained specialists form the basis for its operative efficiency. This makes THW a reliable partner to fire brigades, the police and other aid organisations – in Germany, Europe and world wide. Over the past six decades THW has been active in more than 130 countries, providing technical relief and support in the aftermath of disasters and to humanitarian aid projects.

topocare deals with solutions for intelligent flood control.

An intelligent flood protection is comprehensive. By means of structural measures permanent solutions are integrated. Drainage systems, levees and dikes are an important part of the flood protection system.

These measures are supplemented by temporary, mobile systems. In this case mobile walls, tube systems or classical sandbag barriers measures would be integrated, which may be part of the overall solution to form a flood protection concept.

Through consistent simulation and advanced planning in conjunction with the times and coordination capacities for deployment plans etc. the assessment of the available measures can be made both both secure and cost-effective. Regard should also be taken of the existing transport and logistic concept and where possible fully integrated into the new system.