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At 3M, we apply science in collaborative ways to improve lives daily. With over $31 billion in sales, our 90,000 employees connect with customers all around the world. In the D-A-Ch region, 3M has more than 7,000 employees at 22 locations. In addition to well-known products such as adhesives, abrasives and Post-It® sticky notes, 3M offers a product portfolio of occupational safety products for police, fire and emergency preparedness. Learn more about 3M’s creative solutions to the world’s problems at

The waterproof and impact-resistant iPad cases from Andres Industries AG (Berlin) are the only Apple cases that allow charging without opening the case. The case is simply plugged into the car cradle together with the iPad and can be charged while driving. If necessary, it can be removed in a second. Further extensive accessories such as hand loops and shoulder straps make cost-effective office technology reliably suitable for use. We have already successfully equipped many fire brigades worldwide with our technology. Our customers are the German Capital Fire Brigade and one of the largest ambulance companies in the USA.
The TILO-3 is currently the smallest thermal imaging goggle in the world. It can be worn comfortably on the helmet and is therefore very well suited for the detection of flaming nests, but also for the search of missing persons.

Translated with Industries AG
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BKG is the German federal government’s central service provider and competence center for geoinformation and geodesy, and focuses on earth observation (including remote sensing) and data management for the analysis, combination, and delivery of geodata. BKG provides geodetic reference systems and basic information for the territory of the Federal Republic of Germany efficiently and with a quality in line with demand. It develops the technologies necessary for this according to the most recent state of science and technology. Furthermore, BKG advises the institutions of the federal government in the fields of geodesy and geoinformation and represents the appropriate professional interests at the international level. As an agency of the Federal Ministry of the Interior (BMI, Bundesministerium des Innern), the work of BKG directly benefits federal institutions, public administration, business, science, and almost every person in Germany. Experts from fields such as transportation, disaster preparedness, homeland security, energy and environmental conservation, and various other disciplines use the spatial data, maps, reference systems, and information services provided by BKG for their plans and studies. TopPlus-Web-Open combines a wide range of OpenData sources (e.g. OpenData from the federal government and the federal states and OpenStreetMap) and presents it in a harmonized web map. The web map is available as an internet service via standardized interfaces (WMS / WMTS) and can be freely used by everyone. In addition, it is possible to integrate the map into popular Web Map Apps, such as OpenLayers or Leaflet. The various levels of detail of the TopPlus Web-Open range from the global overview map to detailed maps of the cities in Germany. Further information about this offer can be found at

The section Special Services sees itself as a service provider for federal institutions in the field of geoinformation. We inform and advice these extensively with regard to their questions, applications and problems. Moreover, we create or coordinate individual solutions for federal institutions as required. For this, we take into account not only the range of products and services of the BKG but also the special geodata within the federal share of the Geodata Infrastructure of Germany (GDI-DE).

The Deutscher Wetterdienst (DWD) is as National Meteorological Service of the Federal Republic of Germany responsible for providing services for the protection of life and property in the form of weather and climate information. This includes the meteorological safeguarding of aviation and marine shipping and the warning of meteorological events that could endanger public safety and order. The DWD, however, also has other important tasks such as the provision of services to the Federation, the Laender, and the institutions administering justice, as well as the fulfilment of international commitments entered into by the Federal Republic of Germany.
The DWD thus co-ordinates the meteorological interests of Germany on a national level in close agreement with the Federal Government and represents the Government in international organisations as, for example the World Meteorological Organization (WMO). The DWD offers an extensive range of services for the general public and operates the national
climate data centre.

Deutscher Wetterdienst
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Frankfurter Straße 135
63067 Offenbach
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Across the world, the structure of the Federal Agency for Technical Relief (Technisches Hilfswerk – THW) is unique: THW belongs to the department of the Federal Ministry of the Interior, Building and Community. However, about 99 percent of the THW-members work on a voluntary basis for THW. Only one percent of the staff works full-time for the authority.

Nationwide more than 80,000 volunteers commit themselves during their leisure time in 668 local sections in order to provide professional help to people in distress.

As an emergency organisation, THW can adapt to different disaster situations and scenarios. Modern equipment and well-trained specialists form the basis for its operative efficiency. This makes THW a reliable partner to fire brigades, the police and other aid organisations – in Germany, Europe and world wide. Over the past six decades THW has been active in more than 130 countries, providing technical relief and support in the aftermath of disasters and to humanitarian aid projects.

Prof. Dr. Ebert – Kommunikationsstrategie und Coaching GmbH (Bochum)

Foundation 2016 by Prof. Dr. Helmut Ebert (University of Bonn).

Key activities:
Change: Massive-transformative-purpose-Development, Change Monitoring in the Digital Context.

Instruction and Prevention: Clear and precise information for the population, early detection of dangers by using methods of linguistic surveillance.

Leadership-Skills: Strategic, Transformational and Agile Communication.

Offers: qualitative software-based analysis of verbal data, consulting, (group) coaching, training.

Telefon: 0176 961 401 91

Die Johanniter-Unfall-Hilfe e.V. ist seit mehr als 60 Jahren in den unterschiedlichsten karitativen und sozialen Bereichen aktiv. Seit ihrer Gründung am 7. April 1952 entwickelte sich die Johanniter-Unfall-Hilfe mit mehr als 20 000 Beschäftigten, 34 000 ehrenamtlichen Helferinnen und Helfern und rund 1,3 Millionen Fördermitgliedern zu einer der größten Hilfsorganisationen Europas. Mit knapp 300 Regional-, Kreis- und Ortsverbänden ist sie im gesamten Bundesgebiet vertreten. In der Tradition des evangelischen Johanniterordens zählen zu ihren Aufgaben heute unter anderem Rettungs- und Sanitätsdienst, Katastrophenschutz und Erste-Hilfe-Ausbildung. Hinzu kommen soziale Dienste wie die Arbeit mit Kindern und Jugendlichen sowie die Betreuung und Pflege von älteren und kranken Menschen. International engagieren sich die Johanniter in der humanitären Hilfe, etwa bei Hunger- und Naturkatastrophen.

LORACS GmbH offers products and services for effective solutions in the field of electro- acoustic warning and information systems, for public and industrial customers. The range of services also includes comprehensive project management for all application areas. The product lineup ranges from mobile handheld devices with a reach of 650 meters to complex stationary systems controlled over IP networks stationary systems with a range of up to 9000 meters. LRAD systems with their superior transmission technology are considered as an significant component for the development of new security concepts to disseminate important information over large areas. This enables a variety of applications, such as, complex systems like industrial plants, offshore wind parks or airports but also as an essential tool in disaster management strategies of technical relief organizations, brigades and the federal police. For more information about the company and our solutions, please visit our website:

LRAD Corporation utilizes advanced technology and superior voice intelligibility to safely hail and warn, inform and direct, prevent misunderstandings, determine intent, establish large safety zones, resolve uncertain situations and save lives. LRAD’s proprietary Long Range Acoustic Devices® and advanced ONE VOICE® mass notification systems broadcast attention-commanding alert tones and exceptionally clear voice messages out to 5,500 meters and 12 sq. km., respectively. LRAD systems are in service in more than 70 countries around the world in diverse applications including mass notification, emergency warning, public address, fixed and mobile defense deployments, homeland, border, critical infrastructure, maritime, oil & gas, and port security, public safety, law enforcement and emergency responder communication, asset protection, and wildlife control and preservation. For more information, please visit

Located on the site of the former Neckartal barracks near the city of Mosbach you can find one of the three Training Center Rescue and Help (TCRH) of the BRH Bundesverband Rettungshunde eV. (German rescue dog association). It is an education and training center for civil protection, rescue dogs and humanitarian help and has a core area of 60,000 square meters and a total exercise area of 270,000 square meters.
The existing space and building structures cover all requirements of technical and non-technical specialist services for tactical and operational training and exercises. Simple exercises can be realized as well as specific scenarios such as large-scale, amok and terrorist situations. You will find state of the art training rooms, various indoor and outdoor practice areas, conference technology and offices as well as overnight accommodation capacities. In addition to trainings in the fields of classic first aid and (operating) medical service we offer in corporation with various partners among other things seminars on tactical self-protection and various types of staff training – from classic simulation games to virtual reality training.